Snake Oil & Harmony

Snake Oil and Harmony’ formed in 2015 when Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed, lead vocalists and main songwriters for ‘Tyketto’ and ‘Dan Reed Network’, respectively, joined forces to create a live acoustic touring act sharing their songs and the stories behind the music with audiences throughout Europe. After doing two extensive live tours together, and making critically acclaimed appearances at assorted festivals and the ‘Monsters of Rock Cruise’ in America, Danny and Dan decided to try their hand at writing new songs together over the last year. This has yielded an exciting new ‘Snake Oil and Harmony’ chapter and a full length album recorded at the legendary ‘Faust Studios’ in Prague.

The new album featuring Sweden’s top musicians ‘Robert Ikiz’ on drums and ‘Bengt Jonasson’ on Bass, with Vaughn and Reed handling guitars and vocals, was written and recorded in the spirit of some of their American musical influences such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and John Cougar Mellencamp, while embracing a sound all their own.

Det nya albumet släpps i mars 2020 och turnén kommer även till Sverige och till oss i Sundsvall! Boka in den 7 mars 2020.

Boka bord för middag på 060-16 00 88 eller 060-16 00 80.

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